Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What we did in December

Every month, I submit to the City Manager a listing of activities, tasks and services that the Department of Planning and Community Development accomplishes. I thought it might be useful to start posting that report for readers of this blog. I will liven it up a bit so that it flows better. Thanks for reading....


Task: Support and implement energy reduction initiatives that reduce operation costs and/or have reasonable payback periods associated with reductions in energy/fuel consumption.

The Department of Planning and Community Development continues to coordinate between City staff and JCI on associated with the energy contracts. Rick Jones is monitoring the work and overseeing the three JCI contracts. The State of New Hampshire approved the contract for the Waste Water Treatment Plant, and the City Manager has signed it. Rick facilitated finding space within City Hall for JCI to utilize on site during the implementation o the improvements.

The Federal funding website has the City listed as a grant awardee for the EECBG funds but to date, we have not officially heard from them or received the contracts for Mike Joyal to Sign.

The City along with JCI applied for rebates available from PSHN for all facilities and JCI confirmed that PSHN has received them. JCI is working to get PSNH to do the pre inspection on all the facilities as part of their approval process.

JCI also sent submittals for Facility Improvement Measures (FIM) 1, 2, 3, 6 & 10. These measures are part of the larger plan that includes 15 improvements to be implemented. To date one FIM, FIM 15 – replacing the boiler at the Library, has been completed.

Task: Maintain accessibility and routinely seek to proactively engage and communicate with public to learn of concerns, as well as, inform and educate regarding community issues by regularly attending and participating in public meetings, neighborhood forums, community events and addressing community organizations and media.

The Department of Planning and Community Development developed multiple printed and web based information outlets for the upcoming implementation of the multi-space parking meter system.

Planning and Community Development staff presented to the Planning Board its developer’s handbook. This roadmap for development in Dover was created to assist property owners, developers and their agents, as well as abutters to projects to understand the development process.

Finally, Planning and Community Development staff sent letters to local development professionals outlining improvements to the process which will begin in January. These improvements include increased use of electronic transmissions of plans and an increase on public visibility.



The focus for the Department of Planning and community Development was on the approval and update of Chapter 170 of the City of Dover code, Zoning. The staff prepared an updated text version including all the amendments approved by the City Council. In addition, staff reviewed the text and considered formatting and clerical work to ensure that the document was consistent and that formatting was correct. Finally, an updated version of the chapter was transmitted to the Planning Board.

A further focus has been coordinating the installation of the pay and display parking meters on Henry Law Avenue, in the Orchard Street parking lot and the Belknap parking lot (located off Central Avenue). Bruce Woodruff has been coordinating with the vendor (Parkeon), the Parking Commission, and other city staff.

During the month of December, the multi-space meters were installed and in-house training was accomplished. The meters were tested and made operational, this included the web based back office software, credit card processing and ordering of signage.

The Department of Planning and Community Development developed a multi faceted public education program, including a web site with information about the program, brochures, pamphlets and flyers which were prepared and distributed to businesses and placed on parked cars. Finally, meetings were coordinated with the Chamber of Commerce, Children’s Museum of New Hampshire and Main Street, and display boards were developed for City Hall.

The Department of Planning and Community Development also worked to develop a resolution that the City Council approved a resolution regarding acceptance of credit card payments Planning staff worked with the City Attorney to perform legal research reviewing the status/meaning of deeded easements for parking within the Orchard Street parking lot.


Planning and Community Development staff coordinated concept plan reviews on four potential site plans with the Community Services Department and/or Inspection staff. One project is located in the downtown core, one is on Dover Point, one is on Central Avenue, and the last is a mixed use project also on Central Avenue.

Planning and Community Development staff met with the Economic Development Director and City Manager to review opportunities with the owner of the McIntosh College properties.

Planning and Community Development staff met with the Economic Development Director to assist with disseminating information about Enterprise Park, the Guide to Dover, and the implementation of the ERZ districts in Dover.

Planning and Community Development staff assisted the Community Services and Inspection staff with a review of outstanding issues on several projects, and took the lead on reaching out to the developers. The plans/projects are as follows:
• Gas station at the intersection of Locust and Central Avenue
• Moore Building on Locust Street
• Subdivision of land on Gladiola Way (three separate issues)
• Regent Drive multi-residential complex.
• Picnic Rock subdivision
• Dunn’s Bridge multi-residential complex
• Village at Thornwood Commons
• Austin Concrete
• 1 Main Street renovations


Clerk/Typist Michelle Beauchamp began on December 1, 2009. Michelle is a part time employee and has previous land use clerk experience at the local and regional levels.

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