Thursday, March 11, 2010

What We Did in February

As mentioned before, every month, I submit to the City Manager a listing of activities, tasks and services that the Department of Planning and Community Development accomplishes. Below is our report for February for readers of this blog. I will liven it up a bit so that it flows better. Thanks for reading....


Task: Support and implement energy reduction initiatives that reduce operation costs and/or have reasonable payback periods associated with reductions in energy/fuel consumption.

The Department of Planning and Community Development continues to coordinate between City staff and JCI on associated with the energy contracts. Rick Jones is monitoring the work and overseeing the three JCI contracts. During the month of February, lights were upgraded in City hall, the Library and the Public Works facility on Mast Road. In addition to the work on lighting, JCI began laying out long term schedules for the remaining improvements. The goal is to complete the project within 365 days from the start of the project.

Task: Maintain accessibility and routinely seek to proactively engage and communicate with public to learn of concerns, as well as, inform and educate regarding community issues by regularly attending and participating in public meetings, neighborhood forums, community events and addressing community organizations and media.

The Director of Planning and Community Development attended the Dover Discussions session held by the City Manager on February 11, 2010.



A focus of the Department of Planning and Community Development was summarizing the 6 chapters of the City’s Master Plan. This summary documents the status of the recommendations suggested in each chapter and lays out the recommendations in an easy to follow format. This summary was handed out to Planning Board members and will be presented to the City Council at a workshop on March 3, 2010.

A further focus of the Department of Planning and Community Development was the development of a template for work projects. This work plan will be utilized by staff to evaluate new projects or tasks and determine if there are sufficient recourses to complete the project as outlined. The work plan template was based upon the expansion of the Pay and Display system. The work plan also includes budgeting review and timeline generation for a project to ensure that milestones are communicated to the public and staff.

Additionally, staff supported the Friends of Willand Pond group and its meeting February 18th. The Friends discussed activity around Willand Pond and their hope to host a field day May 1st to celebrate Willand Pond and recognize the environmental health of the Pond.

Finally, Planning staff is finalizing alternatives for the Parking Commission to review in March on the future implementation of the pay and display system. Staff will present 5 options to the Commission to review and select from at their March 24th meeting.


Planning and Community Development staff coordinated Technical Review meetings on the following plans:
• Gas station at the intersection of Locust and Central Avenue
• Major subdivision on Long Hill Road
• Commercial retail project on Knox Marsh Road
• Change of use of the First Church of Christ on Central Avenue

Planning and Community Development staff assisted the Community Services and Inspection staff with a review of outstanding issues on several projects, and took the lead on reaching out to the developers. The plans/projects are as follows:
• Picard Lane
• Appaloosa Drive
• Naser Jewlers
• Gladiola Way
• Impact fee assessment for three projects
o 54 Dover Point Road
o Tolend Road properties
o Cornerstone Commons phase III

Planning and Community Development staff assisted Legal and Fire staff with revising the Streets and Sidewalks Ordinance, and Blasting Ordinance.

Planning and Community Development staff coordinated a meeting with Fire, Police and Community Services staff and the NH Department of Transportation to review goals and timelines for the Newington Dover Little Bay Bridge project. This project is scheduled to begin in late 2010/ early 2011. Planning staff is acting as the liaison with the State.

Planning and Community Development staff assisted the Community Services Department with the continuing evaluation of conducting a Storm water utility feasibility study.


The Department of Planning and Community Development welcomed Dover resident Michele Alexander as a volunteer. Michele is a UNH Graduate student. She will be assisting with developing the work plan template as well as documenting the department’s standard operating procedures.

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