Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am a multi-tasker. I can't do one thing and not think about or (attempt) another. Whether it is listening to music while I am typing right now, or reading a book while listening to a ballgame on the radio. To me it is second nature to have my iPod on when I am doing almost anything. My wife has had to "chat" with me that social interaction with others is a good thing.

One thing I love the iPod for are podcasts. For those who aren't aware, (and I figure if you read a blog you are)a podcast is an episodic series of digital media files usually downloaded through the web. They can be TV shows, audio recordings or whatever. I listen to maybe 20 a month. Many of them are 2 to 3 minute short episodes, but a few a longer more indepth discussions. I thought readers might be interested in some, so below are the "professional" podcasts that I regularly subscribe and listen to. Most should be accessible from iTunes or the content provider.

American Planning Association
The APA has a podcast that is very sporadic. They use it more as a PR method to publicize specific issues or events.

Cities Of The Future Podcast
This podcast is produced by CDM a consulting, engineering, construction, and operations firm. The focus of the podcast is innovative infrastructure methods. The podcasts tend to be monthly, but aren't guaranteed to be :)

Planetizen Podcast
Planetizen is a great resource for planning and community building. Their podcast is a news brief of urban planning, design, and development issues. They were weekly during 2009, but have been more sporadic.

The Kunstler Kast
James Howard Kunstler is a New Urbanist, a leading advocate of the Peak Oil problem, and cantankerous. His weekly podcast is very interesting and entertaining. He moves through many topics that are urban related including design, interactions and sustainability.

Next American City Metro Matters
This is a monthly podcast which analyzes urban news and trends.

Smart City
Smart City is a weekly, talk show that is podcasted and takes an in-depth look at urban life, the people, places, ideas and trends shaping cities.

Urban Design Podcast
This podcast looks at the diversity of urban planning and design and focuses on social impacts as much as fiscal ones.

Well, that's them. I'd check them out. Other than a recent podcast about the evils of pit bulls (opinion if you ask me - a pit bull owner) the Kunstler Kast is the most consistent and enjoyable of the lot. I'd urge you to check them out.

Not for nothing, if you like music, check out KEXP's song of the day for a good dose of new, non-mainstream music. One song a day is sent to you to try. Also, WGBH has a great classical music podcast introducing performances to listeners. Finally, NPRs All Songs Considered and Tiny Desk Concerts are great podcasts.

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