Monday, February 28, 2011

What Will Five Dollars Get You?

In January, I wrote about the then upcoming film series that the Dover Energy Advisory Committee, and the Planning Department were involved with. These five films are part of Green Movies: Sustainable Futures. The series, which is being presented by the Dover Energy Advisory Committee, with the support of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, the Planning Department, and Friends of the Dover Public Library are attempts to drive dialog and get viewers to discuss the impact out choices have on the world around us.

The first of the films was slated to be presented February 1st at 6:30. Well, as has been the norm this winter, that event and much of the rest of the film series, was affected by snow. So, instead of skipping the movies, we delayed them.

Now, you have a second change to check out the series, which will start tomorrow night, March 1. The first movie, Tapped, is about the struggle for public control over water resources and is set in part in Maine, where local activists were able to defeat efforts by the NestlĂ© Corporation to buy and sell their community’s water. Warning: this movie may prompt you to stop buying bottled water.

Also, on tap tomorrow night is a movie about the perils of suburbia and the benefits of infill development/urban living. The Planning Department, Dover Main Street, The Workforce Housing Coalition of the Greater Seacoast and the Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce invite the public to a film screening and discussion of Next American Dream, a film explores why the United States has experienced swings in views about downtowns and examines the unintended consequences of our automobile-centered culture, including environmental and social concerns. The film also looks forward, inviting us to imagine how cities will adapt in the decades ahead.

Admission is $5.00 per person payable at the door. A cash bar will be available along with dinner service.

While not designed to be seen together, the opportunity does exist. You can come at 5:30 to the Dover Brick House and then at 6:30 walk over to our Public Library for the viewing of Tapped. How about that? 5 dollars and you get to see two movies, have a thoughtful, educational, entertaining night out and be involved with improving our fair city.

Sounds great, doesn't it? Hope to see you there.

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