Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Time Review

What a nice weekend, yes I know it snowed a bit Saturday, and apparently, it is going to snow today, but for the first weekend of Spring (even if unofficial) it was a beaut. My wife did some yard work yesterday and she has inspired me to look at some spring cleaning we need to do here in the Planning world.

Illegal Signs
First up is the first sweep of the year for illegal signs. This will sweep is needed because I have seen some illegal signs popping up over the winter. Some I've called the vendor and they have disappeared rather soon after. A few others haven't disappeared, but couldn't be reached easily. With the recession of snow, we can reach them. Look for a press release in the next day or so warning of the sweep. As in the past, I encourage any business, which has these signs out there (on a pole, or in the ROW) to remove them ahead of staff.

Clean Office
Second spring cleaning adventure is the office. Last week I needed a flip pad for an easel. Couldn't find it. What I did find was tons and tons of maps and presentation boards that have been stored and unused. Coupled with this are files and packets and all of the other things we associate with the work world. I am a big fan, especially at home, that you concentrate your cleaning on the public areas (living room, kitchen, bathroom), and let the private areas be (bedroom). Looking at the office this am, I see that I have brought this idea to work with me. Our main counter area is nice and neat, but the work area has some improving to be found.

Repair work
A third, but closely connected adventure, will be some painting and trim replacement. Two years ago, we renovated and moved some office space in City Hall. As with many home improvement projects, 99% of the project was completed, but we still have some touch ups. This was a project I oversaw, and it is one that is a somewhat monkey on my back. I want/need to get it complete, and there is no time like the spring to do that.

We have been short an administrative person for over a month now, and won't be replacing it until July. In the meantime, others in the office have had to reach in and take over some of the work. One area has been web page maintenance. As readers will know, I value the web/internet opportunites to reach out and communicate. One thing about the web is that it can't be static. We much evolve and constantly review it for improvement. Just as I need to update this blog at least once a week, we need to review our online presence and update it.

Spring is a good time for me to review new planning trends and ideas. I review journals and magazines year round, and enjoy that, but there is a difference between reviewing and actually sampling and educating yourself in trends and ideas. Two years ago it was Form Based Code, what will it be in 2011.

Stay tuned to see how clean we make it around here, and come into the office and see for yourself.

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