Monday, December 19, 2011

Farmers Market

Last week I mentioned the good luck I had with some local Christmas shopping. Today I have a short post on a similar experience. This past Saturday we were childless for a bit and decided to live it up by going to the Winter Farmers Market. For Christmas Eve dinner I have a grand plan of roasting beef and having sides with it. I decided that I wanted to find some locally raised beef to roast.

We went to the ATM on the way, and got to the market just as it was opening at 10 (which by the way seems like a late state - course I get up at 5, so I might the one on the wrong timeline). We had a fun experience. There was really good local coffee, and tons of baked goods to choose from. The veggies have that new car sheen to them, not in that they look plastic like, but that they have that we are delicious and good for you, but are natural, look to them. The market was very full and it was a great community to be part of. We did some more Christmas shopping and I got my beef.

While there we got inspired for a few other gifts for people that we hadn't hit yet. We went to a few downtown stores, explained the problem and were happy to walk out with gifts and happy to be complete with the shopping a week ahead.

Here's the point: we felt good about buying local. There is that feeling people get when shopping, which is why people like to do it,even if they know rationally they don't need an item. This was different. This was the feel good shopping feeling, but also the feel pride of shopping local feeling. We were happy to have the options we have and even more happy to support those local options. It was rewarding and the high was a great one to have as we went home.

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